je suis d'horreur


possibly getting a new tattoo tomorrow.

it will be my first one done in a shop

(my others were done in my bedroom. sounds shoddy but it was actually an intimate/meaningful experience and the tattoos look fine. )

i love the dots on my fingers. it’s really meaningful to me because avery did it on me and i did the same on his, but his on the lower digits of his left hand and mine on my upper right, arranged so that they line up when we hold hands.

(blurry photo but you get the jist. “don’t let your fear dictate your life”)

i also have a foot tattoo that says “don’t let your fear dictate your life”, but i don’t always remember that. i need to embrace my own motto. and because it’s on my foot (on my instep, the part where you kick a football with), it’s quite faded (foot and hand tattoos fade inevitably). i need to get it touched up someday. i did that tattoo on myself. it was during a bad state, mentally, with my depression/anxiety/anorexia. i drank tequila and did it to myself with a sewing needle and drawing ink, but it turned out really nice. 

my last tattoo is on the inside of my lip, and it was an inverted crucifix- no meaning other than it looks cool and i was in my goth phase when i did it to myself.  

i think i’m going to get done “Lily” and “Melia” on each of my inner wrists. the problem is the tattoo artist- and anyone i show the tattoos to- will see all the scars and cuts on my forearm (thankfully the top of my wrist is somewhat clear, enough to tattoo on).

my grandma said i should get the names on each of my hips/above my pantyline… but idk. i don’t know if letters would look good in that position.

btw Lily and Melia are my two younger siblings, whom i love very much.

  1. calendarnotes said: Is the problem with people seeing the scats just that? Because when I got a tattoo over some of my scars, the artist was fine with it. They get that sort of thing all the time, so you don’t need to be embarrassed or anything xx
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